Key Features of Cloud Computing Strategy

Cloud computing is that computing method based on internet where computers are provided with information shared resources,Guest Posting and software and other devices just like an electricity grid. Cloud computing defines a newly supplement, delivery and consumption model for information technology or IT services which is generally based on internet. Cloud computing includes provision of scalable and virtualized resources as a service to internet.

For internet the phrase “cloud” is used as a metaphor to them and this cloud computing infrastructure is generally based on cloud drawings to represent the telephone network system used in the past times. And later cloud computing was used to depict internet in computer networking diagrams as an underlying infrastructure. Common business applications online are delivered from cloud computing providers accessed from another software like a web browser or from web service. In cloud computing the data and software are stored on servers.

Characteristics for cloud computing

Generally cloud computing consumers consumes resources as a service and pays for the consumption of resources only which is consumed by them. A cloud computing consumer avoids expenditure in terms of capital by renting usage from third party provider. Autonomic computing is one of the characteristics of cloud computing which means that computer systems have the capacity of self management.


Behind the development of cloud computing Amazon has played a major role by making its data centers modernized. Cloud computing is based on cloud drawings for representation of telephone network system. In 2007 Google, IBM and a large number of industries engaged them with a large scale computing research project. At the mid of 2008 Gartner makes his mind to shape the relationship among IT service consumers, those who sell IT services and those who makes use of it which will result in outstanding growth of IT products in some areas.

Key features

Some features for cloud computing are mentioned below –

1. Cost for cloud computing is claimed to be greatly reduced. A cloud computing consumer avoids expenditure in terms of capital by renting usage from third party provider. The infrastructure is provided by third party and there is no need to be purchased for one time.

2. Cloud computing has the feature of device and location freedom which enables users to access using web browser regardless of their location.

3. Cloud computing infrastructures mostly consists of some reliable services which are transferred with the help of data centers built on servers.

4. For all consumers’ clouds generally appears as a single computing access based on consumers computing needs.

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